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Antique and modern  has to be the optimum look for any home interior....


It will set you apart from the madding crowd; flocking like the proverbial sheep for this  year's book shelves and stock art, that in a short time will be out of vogue and more or less valueless except maybe to your local recycling plant. Remember, you can recoup a fair majority of your original stake, if not all, or even a profit on an antique piece, if you fancy a change around, unlike the former. 


Brown Furniture


In recent times old English brown furniture has taken a more than unfair rollicking. Prices have hit unjust lows. But for those who dare to take off their contemporary rose tinted glasses and see the beauty and workmanship in the pieces you will be truly rewarded. Creatively placed in a modern  home they will shine far beyond anything you will pick up in today's retail market.


So be bold, be different and end up quids in, in terms of finance and style.

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